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Tlaltizapán de Zapata

With a wealth of history and crystal-clear waters, this beautiful Magical Town is just right for a weekend getaway.

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What Makes It Magical

Tlaltizapán de Zapata is known for being the Magical Town of the southern front of the Mexican Revolution, as well as for its beautiful springs running with crystal-clear water. These springs are fed by thawing ice on faraway volcanoes, resulting in fantastic waterparks. With thriving culture, traditions, and historic monuments, this destination is perfect for a weekend getaway, as it is only two hours from Mexico City.

Why You Should Go

Located in the heart of the diverse state of Morelos, this Magical Town offers some of the best swimming pools and waterparks in the state. This makes the spot perfect for a short weekend getaway, with family, friends, or as a couple. Visiting Tlaltizapán de Zapata means connecting with Morelos’ characteristic history and nature.

This town’s history is tied to the commander of the south, Emiliano Zapata, who fought in the Mexican Revolution for the belief that the land belongs to those who work it. This leader chose this town as his headquarters for its strategic position. For this reason, it holds a number of monuments that mark some of the town’s and Zapata’s historic events. For example, there is the Mausoleo Zapatista and the Museo de la Revolución del Sur, Zapata’s mausoleum and a museum honoring the revolution, respectively.

At the Very Least

Take a dip in Las Estacas nature park, one of Morelos’ most beautiful water parks. With 64.2 acres of lush vegetation home to many plants and animals, and a river that runs for about two-thirds of a mile, this is one of the area’s best places to take it easy.

Don’t Miss

  1. Decompress at the Balneario Santa Isabel, one of the water parks with transparent waters that is ideal for spending the weekend.
  2. Visit the Mausoleo Zapatista, the hero’s mausoleum, and the Museo de la Revolución del Sur, Zapata’s former barracks turned museum.
  3. Discover its emblematic buildings, such as the Capilla del Calvario chapel and the Templo y Ex Convento de San Miguel Arcángel, a church and former convent compound honoring Saint Michael Archangel.