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Walk the lake. Check out the murals and galleries. Enjoy the town’s cosmopolitan, bohemian atmosphere...

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What Makes it Magical

The Lake Chapala shoreline adds to the town’s bohemian, cosmopolitan charm and seduces whoever lays eyes upon for the first time. It inspires love affairs for artists who let the sunsets, the gorgeous lakeviews, and the lively smiles of the town’s inhabitants win them over.

Why You Should Go

Lake Chapala

  • It’s Mexico’s largest natural reservoir, with 86% of its 283,329 acre-extension found in the state of Jalisco.
  • In 2009, it was named a Ramsar site for being a nationally significant wetland.
  • It provides the main source of drinking water for the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone, contributing over 60% of the water that reaches the city.
  • Due to its vast surface area, Lake Chapala is of utmost importance for regulating climate in the region.
  • Its waters are home to over 40 fish species and 80 bird species, including migratory birds and those native to the region.

At the Very Least

Go for a boat ride on the lake.

Don’t Miss

  1. Walking around the town streets and checking out the mural paintings on the walls.
  2. Enjoying Lake Chapala.
  3. Exploring Cerro del Tépalo.
  4. Enjoying traditional dishes.