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A charming destination surrounded by mountains and green forests. It's an invitation to magic and nature!

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What Makes it Magical

Rich in natural spaces, handicrafts and gastronomy, this is the ideal destination if you’re looking for a weekend getaway steeped in tradition. Surrounded by forests and natural marvels, this Magical Town offers moments of peace and charm. The whole town seems to be suspended in time, with its clay brick buildings and thatch roofs. It transmits its atmosphere to all its visitors, offering diverse natural attractions, delicious gastronomy, textile handicrafts, and much more. All around it loom magnificent mountains, and on occasion, the mist descends on its streets, filling the town with a special kind of magic.

In the historic center of Acaxochitlán you will find buildings that transport you back to a more tranquil time. From its main square you can admire the adobe mansions with their unique architecture. Likewise, the main square clock is a beautiful work of art made from quarry rock.

Why You Should Go

It’s a direct experience in nature thanks to its many bodies of water. Impressive waterfalls can be found in the area, in the communities of Toxtla, Santa Catarina, Chimalapa, San Francisco and San Fernando, where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation. Additionally, its beautiful forests are an invitation to go hiking and delight in the generous nature of its climate and ecosystem.

At the Very Least

Try the traditional dishes of Hidalgo’s gastronomy. Try exquisite slow cooked lamb, traditional wood-oven baked bread and its great variety of antojitos (Mexican appetizers).

Don’t Miss

  • Visit the town’s dams: Santa Ana Tzacuala, Los Reyes and El Tejocotal. In El Tejocotal, you can go on a boat trip, horseback ride, or ride a quad bike.
  • Buy some embroidered handicrafts and textiles such as shawls, pashminas, satchels, or nahuas, made from wool and cotton.