San Ignacio Arareko

San Ignacio Arareko and Its Lake

San Ignacio Arareko is one of the least known but most beautiful Rarámuri towns in the Copper Canyons, making it a must-see when visiting Creel. Spend some time with its people, and you will walk away with a better understanding of their lifestyle and customs. The community offers a range of amenities for travelers, such as cabins, campgrounds, horseback rides, and bicycle rental. 

About 2 miles southeast of San Ignacio lies the marvelous Arareko lake ringed by boulders and tall pines. On the shore, you can rent boats and take a ride on the quiet waters. The lake is a mile and a half long in the shape of a horseshoe. In fact, it is a reservoir for a dam built in 1969 for fish farming. Summer is the best time to fish for the black bass and bream that swim in its depths. 

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Arareco, Chihuahua, México

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