Arcades and La Herradura Saloon

Los Portales and Cantina La Herradura

Wander through Los Portales (the colonnades), and you will find almost anything, even honey water.

To the west of the main square (Plaza de Armas), the long Trinidad de Cervantes arcades take you back into the 19th century; its interior is a busy universe of people, stores, and movement, where you can buy almost anything, from clothes to honey water. This is where the gastronomic shows take place when the town is in festival mode.

On the other side of the arches, the double doors of the Cantina La Herradura occasionally swing open and shut. The saloon-style bar is decorated with paper bills, mostly dollars, which people leave behind as they pass through. If you ask it to, a jukebox will play the corrido (Mexican ballad that tells a story) which the composer Javier Chávez wrote for Teúl. And next to the jukebox, almost touching the floor, you will see a urinal, as though its presence was completely normal, or perhaps like a sculpture perfect for placing by the door.




Teul de González Ortega, Zac., México

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