Bodegas Segovia Fuantos Winery

On offer here are home-made wines and other delicious products! Don’t miss out! 

Located in front of the Alameda in the center of Parras, this winery is dedicated to the production of fortified wines. Sometimes it is called by its old name: Bodegas Fuantos or Bodegas Alameda. 

Bodegas Segovia Fuantos has been a family-run business for decades, with small production quotas. For a long time, they sold their wine directly from the barrels, buyers could bring their own bottles or containers to fill. Neighbors, friends, and some visitors would come and serve the wine they wanted to buy into jars.

Now the wine is sold in bottles with the label Segovia Fuantos. This winery owns two small plots of land outside of Parras. In one they grow Lenoir grapes, their traditional wine, and in the other they cultivate Rosa del Perú, Moscatel and Saint Emilion.

Apart from wine, the Segovia Fuantos family also produce liquor, candy and conserves such as campechanas (crispy pastries), dulce de leche and walnuts, wholemeal bread, fig and apricot conserves, and peach and quince “cortadillo” (chopped up fruit).





Degollado 17, Zona Centro, Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila de Zaragoza, México

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