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Nibble on guava candy, stroll through the main square, and stay in a cabin in the Sierra Fría nature reserve.

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What Makes It Magical 

The smell of guava seems to permeate the town of Calvillo. From the time you set off on a stroll downtown, you will feel the charm of its tree-lined park and the solemn presence of the massive Parroquia del Señor del Salitre church. As you roam, you will be enchanted by its legends, the flavor of its cheeses, the shapely candles, and the delicate embroidery work. Nature generously bestowed the area with streams, waterfalls, and rugged natural countryside that make you want to take a walk and soak up the clean, fresh air. After a restorative night tucked away in a cabin, you will awake with a new understanding of Calvillo’s alluring charm. 

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Why You Should Go 

Nature-Centered Activities 

  • Malpaso dam is an obligatory stop to dine on fish, take a boat ride to La Boquilla canyon, or, even better, explore on a kayak
  • Sport fishing is possible at Presa de la Codorniz, just make sure you are well-equipped, and you can walk around the surrounding area. 
  • North of Calvillo, the rugged Sierra Fría nature reserve encompasses more than 100 thousand hectares of forest. It is a great spot to mountain bike. There are also ecotourism cabins and controlled hunting. Species such as deer, puma, and mountain lions also inhabit the zone. 
  • Another wooded area with cabins is Sierra del Laurel, to the southeast of Calvillo. Its cycling trail is all ready to try out. 

At the Very Least 

Kayak around Presa de Malpaso and grab a bite to eat in one of its restaurants. 

Don’t Miss 

  1. Go to Frutland and try at least 5 kinds of guava candy
  1. Snap pictures of Parroquia del Señor del Salitre’s enormous dome. 
  1. Spend the night in the Sierra Fría wilderness.